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I highly recommend! These guys were extremely professional, detail oriented, and reliable. They answered all of my questions and can troubleshoot and resurrect any lawn. My grass was a mess of weeds really and with their help has become a lush green lawn that my kids can walk barefoot on. I can't say enough great things about their service. It's nice to see old fashioned quality service has been revived! ---- Rett R. Utah

Green lush grass, with blue skyLawn Fertilizer service in Utah you can trust to get the job done right!

VIRIDIS LAWNS & PESTS provides lawn care to Saratoga Springs, UT residences and other Utah surrounding areas, including, Alpine, Eagle Mountain, Lehi, American Fork and Highland. We also provide lawn fertilizer service, perimeter pest control and free lawn assessments to our valued customers.

Our lawn care services include regular lawn fertilizing, weed protection, lawn pest control, aeration, and more. We are customer focused and only provide the best service possible. We understand that part of good customer services means creating lush green lawns and a pest free home for you.

We offer our own proprietary blends of nutrition and weed prevention that is customized for your specific lawn care needs. Our blends ensure that your lawn is lush and green all season long.

VIRIDIS is family owned and operated. Family, is important to us, for that reason, all our lawn care blends are safe for pets and children. We also care about old fashion values: honesty, integrity, and excellent customer service. All our customers and their neighbors are treated with the utmost respect and care.

Lawn care Saratoga Springs, UT and Lawn fertilizer
Lawn Care Service for Saratoga Springs, Utah

Owner Kagen Knudsen has been in the landscaping/green industry for over a decade. Our technicians understand the technology needed to ensure green grass. This knowledge is part of our professionalism and training. Our lawn care professionals are also clean cut, reliable, honest and they value your business. They are trained to handle or advise on any lawn or pest issue you may be struggling with.

A gorgeous, green, lavish lawn does wonders for your curb appeal and changes the physical appearance of your house. Whether you’re selling your house, want to have grass perfect for barbecuing, or just healthy lawn, you don’t need a green thumb to have the best-looking house in the neighborhood. Here at VIRIDIS LAWNS we fertilize and cultivate a weed free grass while you relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Our Saratoga Springs, Utah fertilizing and lawn care services are created to cater to your individual needs. Our Lawn Care specialists can provide you with a one-time lawn treatment, after which, the difference in your lawn’s appearance will be noticeable. But the truth is, one time treatments don’t create impeccable color and health for a flawless lawn that lasts. We suggest a multiple Lawn Care treatment plans to keep your lawn looking attractive, lush, and free from pests or diseases.

VIRIDIS LAWNS provides free lawn care assessments for Saratoga Springs, UT residents… simply give us a call 801-367-9961 and we will have one of our Utah lawn care technicians assess your lawn and its precise needs.  All of our lawn evaluations are completed by a Utah Lawn care specialist. Our specialists are able to determine the proper treatment and lawn maintenance that your lawn requires to be healthy and strong!




Understanding the anatomy of grass can help you provide the best care for your lawn. And at VIRIDIS Lawn Care, we want you to have the most beautiful, healthy lawn possible. Below we’ll explain how grass is structured and how this structure contributes to its growth.

Grass is made up of several different parts. While there are many different varieties of grass, we will focus mainly on lawn grasses.  These grasses generally have roots, stolons and rhizomes, crowns, culms (stems), sheaths, blades, and florets in varieties that reproduce through seed.

The roots are much like the roots of other plants. They extend below the surface of the dirt and absorb water and nutrients to feed the grass. Grass roots are much finer than some other plant’s roots but they are usually very hardy and grow very thick in healthy lawns.

The stolons look almost root-like but they grow along the ground rather than under it. Rhizomes are like stolons but grow just barely under the surface.  These are the places where grass can start new growth without seeding. They produce offshoots that rely on the nutrients carried through the stolons and rhizomes until these offshoots can produce a root structure that will support them.

Creating a beautiful landscape is much more than planting seeds, watering, and mowing regularly. Below at VIRIDIS Lawn Care in Saratoga Springs, Utah will go over some of the most helpful lawn care tips to keep your property looking its best.


Mowing is very important to a well-groomed appearance. Mow so that you never remove over 1/3 of the overall height from the grass and never mow your lawn shorter than about 2 ½ inches. Keep your lawn mower’s blade sharp and the rest of the mower well maintained to prevent damage to your grass. Never mow wet grass. Wait after rainstorms until the grass has time to dry as mowing it when wet can damage your lawn and your mower. Mow before weed whacking around obstacles to give yourself a good height guide so you don’t accidentally cut too close to the ground.


To keep weeds under control, stay ahead of them. Hire a professional service such as VIRIDIS Lawn Care to spray for weeds and to apply a pre-emergent treatment that will prevent new weed seeds from germinating. Use good boarders around flowerbeds that are buried at least 1 foot deep and stand several inches above ground. Consider fencing or rock walls between your neighbors’ lawns to keep their weeds on their side. Pull weeds when they are young to prevent large root systems from growing and to keep them from producing seeds of their own.


Water deeply and infrequently. Constant water equals weak root systems and yellowed grass. Strong grass grows from receiving deep watering and then allowing time for the grass to dry before watering again. This can also reduce your water bill.


Fertilizer can help grass, to grow better and stronger with less water and effort on your part. It can help prevent grass from diseases, weeds, and pests by keeping the root system growing. Hiring a professional can help ensure your grass receives the correct amount of fertilizer at the best times. For a lawn fertilizer service in Utah you can trust, call 801.367.9961


Some lawns need a little extra love. Perhaps the root system has gotten a little too thick or your grass has become so compacted it isn’t thriving. Aeration can help with that. It can literally breathe new life into your lawn by opening holes throughout the roots for air, water, fertilizer and wiggle room.

Maybe your lawn is healthy but has a lot of dead grass covering the beautiful green. Dethatching may be just what it needs to look its best.

Some lawns have fallen prey to pests or disease. Hiring a professional to treat these problems will help your lawn get back on track to beautiful.

Perhaps after all that, your grass still isn’t looking up to par. Maybe it’s time for a little over seeding to replenish some of the old grasses that are dying off. Maybe you need to mix in a new grass type that can thrive in different conditions to prolong the green season or to combat dry or hot spells. Or maybe you just need to help it thicken back up. Over-seeding can definitely help a thin and patchy lawn to improve.

Here at VIRIDIS we know that having a lush lawn is important and can help create so many memories. We want to help you have the very best landscape possible. If you notice your lawn might need a little extra help, give us a call today.  801-367-9961


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