VIRIDIS Lawn Care Saratoga Spring, UT is a family company

Located right in the heart of the Saratoga Springs community, VIRIDIS Lawn care believes in families.  Hiring a lawn care service can increase the amount of time you have to enjoy your family.  We also understand your specific lawn care needs because we have our backyards in the same area! We’ve spent years maintaining our own Saratoga Springs lawn. Let us help you to beat the complications this specific area might be sending your way.

We understand that trusting someone else to take care of your lawn care needs can sometimes be scary. What if they don’t know what they’re doing? What if they damage my lawn? What if they don’t provide the services we agreed on? What if they are rude or unprofessional? Will my neighbors be annoyed or offended by their attitude or equipment? Will they value my business? Will they be reliable? VIRIDIS Lawn Care Utah can put all those worries to rest for you.

Lawn Care Salt Lake City
Lawn Care Salt Lake City

This is a small, family owned business that takes your needs and wants seriously. Owner and operator, Kagen Knudsen is a family man who knows how to take care of his clients. With children of his own, he knows how important their health and safety is and uses only products that are proven safe for kids and pets while still being extremely effective.

He understands wanting to make sure everyone is comfortable with a professional coming onto the property. His enjoyable personality and kind heart put people at ease. Talking with Kagen, you know he truly cares not just about your lawn, but you as an individual. He strives to ensure all of his clients are well taken care of and understood.  He appreciates his clientele and works hard for them.  He behaves professionally and with courtesy with his clients and their neighbors.  If there is ever anything you are not satisfied with, Kagen will work to make it right.

We know that the appeal of hiring a lawn care service sometimes isn’t enough. You have questions and concerns and we are here to answer anything you would like to talk to us about.  We want to make sure you are comfortable and satisfied with your service provided by VIRIDIS Lawn Care for Saratoga Springs. At VIRIDIS we strive for excellence, in our service and our personnel.  Feel free to contact us at any time. Let us answer your concerns so that we can take care of all the work to make your lawn beautiful while you sit back and enjoy the results!

If you want the best fertilization, weed prevention, and insect control. Call VIRIDIS Today for all your Saratoga Springs, UT, Lawn care needs. (801) 367-9961   We have many satisfied customers!

Looking for lawn care service in Saratoga Springs, UT that is family friendly and a safe lawn care company? Look no further than VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Saratoga Springs, Utah. VIRIDIS Lawns is located in Saratoga Springs, UT and serves Eagle Mountain, Lehi, American Fork, Highland, Alpine and other surrounding areas including Salt Lake City, Utah.

We are here to meet your landscaping needs. We understand the importance of a beautiful lawn but not at the cost of safety for your children or pets. They are the reason many people want a nice lawn – to play with and enjoy outdoor time together as families. Many other lawn care companies use harsh chemicals that could cause irritation or sickness to sensitive children or animals. Our lawn treatments are safe for use with animals and children so you will never need to worry about their health or wellbeing.

We provide our Saratoga Springs, UT lawn care clients several different services which include core aeration, fertilization, soil conditioning, perimeter pest control, over seeding, and weed control. These services are the core of great lawn care. They focus on improving your lawn’s health so it can, in turn, improve its appearance and your enjoyment.

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Saratoga Springs, UT residences
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Aeration for Utah and Saratoga Springs Lawns.

Aeration helps increase air circulation, and water and nutrient absorption in your grass’ roots. It can also decrease soil compaction to give roots needed room to grow.

When applied properly, fertilization provides nutrients to improve the health of your lawn. When incorrectly applied, whether in incorrect amounts or by improper timing, fertilizing can damage or even kill lawn grasses. Having a professional, especially one familiar with the Saratoga Springs and Utah Valley area, handle your fertilization can save you time and frustration while ensuring your grass gets all the help it needs.

Soil conditioning can take poor or subpar soil up to the next level and help it improve so grass can grow more easily. Soil testing and observation can help a professional such asLawn Care in Utah Hire a Service VIRIDIS Utah Lawn Care help you know how to improve your soil’s balance and texture. Having observed and worked with much of the soil in the Saratoga Springs area sets VIRIDIS Lawn Care above many of our competitors who are based in other areas.

Pest control not only keeps lawn pests from destroying your lawn but also helps reduce or eliminate the pests inside and around your home.  And who doesn’t want that?

Over-seeding can help to fill in bare or thin areas of your lawn which can help prevent disease and weeds from taking over. This is important to do when warning signs first start showing up so the new seeds can begin growing before all the other grass dies off.

And weed control will help keep even the peskiest of plants at bay so there will be nothing interrupting your beautiful field of green. Plus, less work trying to pull them all by hand!

At VIRIDIS, we get to know you and your landscape to help provide the specific services that will help you enjoy your lawn all summer without having to worry about doing any of the work. Each lawn and each person need different services specifically geared toward them. We can create a custom care package specifically for you and your landscape.