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Mower Maintenance

Keeping your lawn mower in top shape will benefit your lawn’s appearance and health. It will also help make the chore of mowing a little easier. Below VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Saratoga Springs, Utah has some ideas of how you can keep your mower in optimal condition. Read on to see what you can do to help your lawn look its best.

Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual that comes with your mower will provide most, if not all, of the information you need to maintain your machine. All mowers have differences and your manual will insure you treat your mower right. Disregard any of the following information if your manual disagrees. But for most machines, the following tips will work well to keep your machine cutting and running smoothly. If you find yourself without a manual for whatever reason, implementing these tips should be effective.

Drain Fuel / Check Oil and Filters

Every fall, make sure to drain the gasoline tank. Old fuel can cause the mower to have difficulties starting the next spring. Always start with new gas each year.

You will probably also want to change the oil and the filters in the spring. Always at least check them. Debris could have gotten in the oil which would cause issues with the motor. Filters could be clogged and ineffective. Checking these things in the spring and throughout the year will help prevent costly repairs later.

Cleaning and Sharpening

Keep your machine clean. This will prevent clogging and caked on grass. Removing old grass will help the blade rotate more smoothly.

Also, sharpen your blades regularly. This tip will effect the appearance of your lawn more than anything else. Mower blades dull over time. This creates an uneven or jagged cut which will look terrible but can also cause harm to your lawn’s health.


All of these things can be done yourself or by getting a professional tune-up. Storing and maintaining your mower properly can help it last longer and cut better, resulting in a more beautiful, healthy lawn. Insuring your lawn mower is in peak condition can help insure your lawn is in peak condition.