Pest Control

Lawn pests. The unwelcome summer guests that can crash your planned parties. After all the time and effort you go through to make your landscape beautiful, these small invaders can destroy it without even trying. Let us at VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Saragtoga Springs help you protect your lawn from this devastation. We can prevent or cure infestations of common pests so that your time, money, and effort isn’t wasted.

With such a variety of pests that can damage your landscape, determining which is your nemesis can require a professional. Some pests feed on leaves and blades while others feed on roots. Some cause damage without eating but through tunneling or creating homes. Knowing the insect that is causing devastation is key to properly treating. Some pests need to be killed during specific phases of their development. Applying treatment during other phases could be completely ineffective.

There are some precautions you can take to reduce the appeal of your lawn as a breeding ground for bugs. Doing these things will also prove helpful for treating infestations.

Watering and mowing habits are the most influential of your normal tasks in preventing and removing pests. Mow grass 3 inches high and don’t allow it to become overgrown. Water deeply and infrequently. Don’t allow your lawn to dry out. Besides creating a perfect habitat for pests, ignoring these suggestions will weaken your lawn’s health.

Hiring a professional such as VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Saratoga Springs to care for your lawn is the best decision you could make to protect your grass from damage.  We provide excellent service because we believe you should be able to enjoy your lawn throughout the warm summer months without having to worry about anything, especially invasions from unwanted guests, of the insect variety at least.

Give us a call today for a consultation at 801-367-9961 so you can rest easy knowing your landscape is in good hands.

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