Landscaping for Success

We’ve all seen pictures of amazing landscaping. Perfectly trimmed trees, amazing lawn, flowers in full bloom – not an item out place. What those pictures don’t show is the amount of thought and effort that went into creating the perfect landscape. Hard work isn’t enough when looking to achieve perfection; planning is essential. Below, we at VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Saratoga Springs, Utah will discuss ways you can plan your landscape to create the beautiful results you desire.

Dealing with Difficult Areas

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, no matter how much love and attention you give an area of your landscape, it simply won’t cooperate. Whether the soil is poor or it doesn’t get enough sunlight, these areas can cause problems. Instead of fighting the area, forcing it too look like you envision, consider changing it to something more suitable.


Pathways can beautify areas that are run down by pets or people. Rather than having a patchy trail in your grass, intentionally create a path out of stones, concrete, pavers, or gravel. Having a designated walking path can help your landscape look maintained rather than damaged. It will also save the rest of your lawn from unnecessary damage by giving guests a path they can use.


Edging help tremendously to keep lawn where it belongs. Grass often spreads through its root system to places it doesn’t belong. Burying edging at least 4 inches deep with an inch above the soil can help keep grass from encroaching on your beds. This can then be covered with more attractive edging such as rocks, bricks, etc.

Also, edging, or trimming, around sidewalks, driveways, and property lines can sharpen your landscape’s appearance and help preserve the concrete or pavement. Over time, grass will try to grow over and around these areas. Trimming it will prevent this from happening.

Appropriate Plants

Among the most important aspects of having a flawless landscape is to choose appropriate plants. Failing to do this will immediately create problem areas. Accepting that some plants are more suited to certain conditions than others will reduce the time and effort put into your landscape. Whether shady or sunny, wet or dry, clay or sandy soil, these difficult conditions have plants suited to thrive there. Perhaps even replacing struggling portions of lawn with shrubs, flower beds, or rock gardens is the right move for simplifying and beautifying your landscape.


The most beautiful landscaping is that which embraces the climate and capitalizes on it. Utilizing these suggestions will not only prevent problems but it will increase the attractiveness of your landscape. No matter your trouble area and its cause, we want to help you fix it so you can be surrounded by a beauty without so much heartache.

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