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Utah is famous for the greatest snow on earth, it’s amazing national parks, the Great Salt Lake and it’s great history.  As a Utah homeowner, you’re often memorized by its dazzling sunrises and magnificent mountains.

You’re also struck by how difficult it is to preserve a lovely, green lawn while living in such a harsh climate. Despite your best efforts, it’s a constant battle to prevent ugly brown patches and lawn pests from creeping in your lawn.  Lawn care has become a constant annoyance that feels like an uphill battle.

There is good news, VIRIDIS Lawn care is here to save the day! We serve many Utah areas including, Saratoga Springs, Eagle Mountain, Lehi, American Fork, Alpine, Pleasant grove and many areas in Salt lake county, Salt Lake City, Draper, Murray, Sandy, South Jordan, West Jordan, Midvale, and Murray. Call Us Today: 801-367-9961

VIRIDIS lawn care professionals want you to have a green, soft lawn that is free from stress and heartache.  Our team of trained Salt Lake City lawn care experts known the Utah climate inside and out. They have mastered the technics that ensure your lawn stays green, beautiful and pest free all year long and from years to come.  Whether it’s fertilizing, aeration, pest and disease control.   VIRIDIS works hard on your lawn so you don’t to.  We pride ourselves in excellent lawn care for Salt Lake City and surrounding areas.

We also pride ourselves in outstanding customer service.  We’re dedicated to providing you with superior service. You can relax while still getting a perfect healthy lawn.

Fescue is a popular choice of grass for lawns for many Utah areas including Salt Lake — Because of its non-invasive nature and relatively low maintenance.  However, after a long and hot summer, your fescue lawn can begin to look worn down and sparse. Fescue grass requires less mowing and watering, making fescue grass an environmentally friendly grass.  However, fescue grass requires maintenance according to the species variety and the conditions in which it is grown.

How much do you really know about the fertilizer and treatments needed for your lawn? Do you know which ones you need for good health, and which ones are less important? Can you identify the brands that provide the highest quality?  VIRIDIS lawn care specialists have the knowledge necessary for the best care of your lawn. Call Us Today: 801-367-9961

Utah Lawn Care Locations

Saratoga Springs, Eagle Mountain, Lehi, Alpine, American Fork, Sandy, Midvale, West Jordan, Murray, Taylorsville

84003, 84043, 84004, 84062, 84123, 84047,84091, 84093, 84094


Salt Lake City is known for its culture and recreation that’s what makes Salt Lake City such a great place to live. But the great culture and recreation won’t help you get your lawn care done. Why not make your yard look its best with lawn care in Salt Lake City?  The friendly experts at VIRIDIS are ready to provide you with quality service.  Our goal is to give you the best lawn in the neighborhood. It all starts with a lawn analysis to determine your lawns health.

We offer customized Saratoga Springs, Utah lawn services. Whether your lawn is a cool season grass like bluegrass or fescue most common in Utah. We can make your lawn look lush, green and beautiful. Your yard will look better than it did last year, and your neighbors will wonder what happened.

At VIRIDIS we understand that a lawn care program needs to be focused on customer satisfaction. This is something we offer all our customers including American Fork citizens.  We are committed to creating a life-long relationship with our customers by giving them quality work that is reflected in their lawn appearance.

If you are feeling like your lawn needs a bit of a boost you need to increase your vitamins and minerals your lawn gets. Our Lawn Care professionals in Sandy can aid you in fighting off lawn disease. Our specialists are trained to know exactly what your lawn may be lacking so they can return it back to optimal health.

Lawn Fertilizer Service

VIRIDIS delivers only the best lawn care and services designed to have Eagle Mountain yards looking their best all season long. Grass is made up of major elements including nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Using a lawn fertilization service helps to keep nutrients at the optimum levels, keeping your lawn healthy and control weeds.

The biggest protection against lawn weeds is a thick and healthy lawn. A lawn fertilization program helps it grow as thickly as possible and keep weeds out of your Alpine lawn. The best way to control weeds and keep them out of your lawn is by giving the proper minerals and vitamins to your lawn. Our Alpine lawn care team can keep those annoying weeds from taking over your yard. Call us today!

Grass types can vary greatly depending upon a wide range of factors. In Lehi, they have unique weather patterns and soil conditions that affect the growth, health, and appearance of your lawn. Our lawn care professionals in Lehi can bring your lawn back to life.

Our lawn care specialists in Saratoga Springs know Utah weather, soil, insects and the other local challenges better than any other company out there. Our programs are even customized for different regions of the state along with grass varieties because what works in Salt Lake City doesn’t necessarily work in Lehi.

Call VIRIDIS today for all your Lawn Care needs in Saratoga Springs and Surrounding areas. 801-367-9961