Aeration – Essential for Healthy Lawns

Lawns can easily become compacted through foot traffic, heavy snow falls, or extremely healthy grass roots. When this happens, grass has a more difficult time thriving. That’s why we at VIRIDIS of Utah offer aeration services.

Aeration is a fairly straightforward process. A machine called a core aerator removes plugs of thatch, dirt, and grass roots. Cutting these plugs from the lawn creates small holes throughout your grass area. This gives the roots room to spread and the soil a place to loosen. Lawn aeration also improves water, and air circulation to grass’ root system and makes it easier for the roots to absorb fertilizer and nutrients.

The plugs can be raked and removed from the lawn but allowing them to decompose into the lawn provides excellent fertilizer and nutrition. They will cause your lawn to look unattractive if left in place but only for a short time. The benefits of leaving them far outweigh their negative appearance. They are also much more long lasting.

Spring and fall are the most beneficial times for aeration. Summer and winter are both hard seasons on lawns and aerating following these periods helps rejuvenate your grass and prepares it to handle the next barrage. Grasses thrive in spring and fall conditions and this helps handle the shock to the root system that aeration can sometimes cause.

Most lawns will need aerated at least once. Very thick lawns, especially those started from sod, may need aerated multiple times. This is also true of lawns grown in very dense, clay type soil as it compacts more easily. Having a professional such as our VIRIDIS Lawn care technicians in Saratoga Springs, Utah can analyze and recommend a treatment plan will help you take the guesswork out of your lawn aeration needs. Read more about hiring a professional vs doing it yourself here.

Aerating your lawn is a simple step that can increase the health and beauty of your landscape. Call us today at 801-367-9961 for a consultation to see if your lawn can benefit from aeration.



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