Lawn Care for Hot, Dry Conditions

With the spike in temperature comes a spike in your lawn’s needs. They grow easily and happily during the spring months but as summer heat approaches, grass can stall and struggle. Below, we at VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Saratoga Springs, Utah will teach you warning signs to look for and how to combat them to keep your lawn looking and feeling great during the time you want it most.


When your lawn starts fading from the deep green to a dull greyish, intervene! If you disregard this color change, the next step is a parched yellow or brown lawn, and that takes much longer to rehabilitate.

Near the time the color first starts fading, you may also notice the grass staying flattened after sitting or walking over it. ┬áThis loss of “springiness” is a good clue your lawn is starting to struggle. So what can you do to prevent and repair this?


Obviously the best solution would be to increase water but sometimes water is either not available or under restrictions during drought seasons. In this case, using water wisely will help. Watering at night or in the very early morning is the best use of your limited access. Watering during the heat of the day, will waste water through evaporation. Bad idea all around. It will keep your lawn from getting the moisture it needs and also cost you more money.

Mowing habits also greatly contribute to your lawn’s health during hot, dry periods. Mow at least 3 inches high to help provide the soil and roots with shade and don’t remove clippings. They act as an easy, natural mulch to prevent drying and also to help provide nutrients.

Following these tips can help keep your lawn looking great, even during droughts and hot summer weather. Let us as VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Saratoga Springs, UT help you insure your lawn always looks its best!

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