Are Lawn’s Really Worth It?

With warm weather arriving, some of you may be wondering, is it really worth the time and effort to have a lawn? While desert landscaping does have advantages, we at VIRIDIS Lawn Care believe lawns are beneficial. Below we’d like to talk about some reasons lawns are worth having.

Environmental Health

Having a healthy, well maintained lawn can actually benefit the environment. They can prevent erosion and water runoff. They decrease dust by increasing soil stability. While this may seem like a trivial matter of a little less dust in your home, think about the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression. Without the water to grow crops and without a grass root structure to hold the soil in place, the area turned into a desolate, dusty wasteland. Animals died, people had to relocate, and the area went through extensive rehabilitation to become livable again. Grass is an important part of the ecosystem and growing it around your home helps to insure that the area will remain intact.

Lawns can also act as a buffer to the soil. They can catch some of the pollutants that could easily leach through the ground into water sources. Grass can hold water and moisture to keep the ground from over drying or baking.

Home Barrier

Lawns act as nature’s coolant. Homes without surrounding lawns get considerably hotter during the summer months which can increase cooling costs. Growing grass helps to regulate the air and increases oxygen.

Another important way your lawn can act as a home barrier is by offering a buffer during fire season. With wildfires seeming to get larger and closer every year, growing grass surrounding your home can help create a defensible space to protect your home.

They also act as a sound buffer. The noises of the outdoors are absorbed in the grass rather than bouncing off the rocks of desert landscaping.


Having a lawn rather than desert landscaping is simply more fun. BBQs, touch football, picnics, playing with the kids – all of these things are more fun (and comfortable!) on grass than rocks. Entertaining during the summer or just relaxing as a family is way more enjoyable when you have a soft comfortable place to do it.


So for those of you wondering if the work is really worth it, our answer to you is YES! And don’t forget our motto is “We’ll do the work. You relax and enjoy the results!” So call us today for a consultation so you can get back to enjoying the great outdoors in comfort.





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